Future of the Group

We are in our tenth year and are now 20 members strong.  It is time for us to add more programs and value to our membership.  We will focus on offering solutions to member challenges and opportunities provided by our group size.

Key initiatives for 2019 are a group health care program based on recent law changes that allow us to benefit by being part of a group with a common business objective.   Other initiatives will focus on working together and sharing resources such as car, livery and director sharing.

After offering these service will focus on growing our membership outside Michigan so we can make our secondary and tertiary spend items more significant.  Once significant we can recruit preferred vendors.

It is an exciting time for our group.  Come join us.

Why are you providing for SCI’s discount

It is generally understood that SCI has negotiated discounts 10-15% better than large independent funeral homes.  Thier discount is coming from the higher prices you get charged by the manufacutures. 

How can they do this?  Because you are independent and divided they can keep your prices higher.  The solution is to join forces and not loose your independence.

The Solution

Join the Remembrance Purchasing Group.  We negotiate together to earn better discounts, volume and growth incentives.  How, because we are pooling our volume.  If we negotiate together the manufacturers cannot divide and conquer.